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Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) is the largest and fastest-growing bay sensor technology company in the world. We specialise in some of the most technically innovative real-world solutions available in the market and continually lead the way in the development and application of these technologies, under the 'Smart'​ systems brand.

Through our range of groundbreaking integrated technology solutions, Smart Parking is delivering smart cities, businesses, and solutions developers with a unique information services integration platform that provides transformational solutions for amenities. In May 2016 we were proud winners of the prestigious Innovation in Technology category at the 2016 Real IT Awards for Westminster City Council's ground-breaking deployment of RFID EPermits, the Smart Parking solution that helps to eliminate misuse of resident disabled parking bays. We offer a range of innovative parking technology solutions including: - SmartApp puts the driver in control by finding the best available space and directing them to it. - Wireless vehicle detection sensors are used to detect which bays are occupied and generate highly accurate information about how your site is used. - RFID solutions enables users to manage permit parking easily. Permit holders are happier as more space becomes available through improved enforcement and fact-based planning. - SmartGuide is used to easily direct drivers to available spaces using electronic signage throughout the site. - SmartRep software collates and analyses live information on how your parking space is being used.

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Products at the Show

SmartSpot Gateway

The SmartSpot Gateway is a highly flexible IoT building block that allows city operators to begin with the deployment of smart parking sensing. Using the same infrastructure SmartSpots equip smart cities with the effective means to have a single ‘street furniture’ device installed throughout the city that can accommodate a wide range of additional services such as public broadband, safety video surveillance, air quality, lighting control, and many more.

In-Ground Vechicle Detection Sensor

Smart Parking’s infrared sensor technology enables parking operators to manage their facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. For daily management and long-term planning. For management on-street or off-street.

SmartApp - Parking Availability Application

Easy-to-use App for both iPhone and Android devices that enables drivers to easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time.


A principle module of Smart Parking's SmartCloud parking services platform is SmartRep which is widely endorsed as being the world’s most powerful, easy to use intelligent parking operations and monitoring system, placing you at the forefront of parking management. Delivering powerful web standards compliant services, SmartRep is designed to meet the business needs of commercial parking operators, retailers and regulatory authorities. It offers a real time and historical dashboard reporting of every detail of your parking operation, from bay occupancy levels, to average stay information and parking enforcement. As well as transforming parking services for customers, SmartRep increases enforcement efficiency and unlocks an expansive array of information to enable you to plan for the future.

SmartGuide - Parking Guidance

SmartGuide is a straight-forward guidance system for off-street parking that works with in-ground vechicle detection sensors to identify available spaces and then guides customers to them with large, clear, digital signage and overhead LED lighting.

RFID Solutions

Smart Parking’s RFID solutions enable parking operators to manage permit parking easily. Permit holders are happier as more space becomes available through improved enforcement and fact-based planning. A flexible system for changing needs.


Smart Parking in the City of Westminster from Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ)

Around half a million vehicles enter the City of Westminster each day, an area of around eight square miles. With only 12,000 parking bays, it is estimated that 30% of all traffic is motorists looking for a space. To make matters worse, around 15% of spaces are unoccupied because drivers are unaware of their location. http://www.smartparking.com/keep-up-to-date/case-studies/3-500-vehicle-detection-sensors-and-epermit-technology-in-the-city-of-westminster-london

Welsh Capital, Cardiff Leads The Way In Smart City Parking

Cardiff launch Europe's first citywide deployment of Smart Parking technology. Councillor Ramesh Patel, Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning & Sustainability explains how Cardiff Council are using innovative technology to deliver tangible service improvements in city management.

Smart Parking - The Future of Parking in Wellington

Wellington CBD is at the centre of the New Zealand Capital and a popular tourist destination which encompasses parliment buildings, sandy beaches and a working harbour. See how Smart Parking (ASX:SPZ) is building on the citys Smart Capital approach towards making transport choices easier.

Parking in Canberra - The Smart Parking Solution

The ACT Government is committed to ensuring the ACT is a livable city now and into the future. As part of this commitment there are a number of innovative digital projects that have been and are being rolled out across the territory. One of these innovations is the Smart Parking (ASX:SPZ) trial in Manuka.